Laura Lindekugel MS, MS, LMFT, SEP
individual therapy, couples therapy, trauma therapy, sex therapy, family therapy

Areas of Practice + Rates

Support for Individuals, Couples, and Families

In addition to two masters degrees I have specialized training in couples therapy, healing after infidelity, trauma therapy, body- and nervous system-based therapy (Somatic Experiencing, Integral Somatic Psychology), EMDR, clinical hypnosis, neurofeedback, meditation, maternal and paternal mental health, premarital counseling, sex therapy, and therapy for medical issues. I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, and peak performance work to the Twin Cities and their surrounding communities at my office in Edina, Minnesota.


Areas of Practice

Build a Relationship

Relationships are challenging-so much more challenging than we ever might have imagined.  In an era of social media, technology, and busyness, focusing on our relationships is even more challenging.  If you wish for more--more effective communication, more satisfying intimacy and connection, more safety and trust, more ways to resolve conflict peacefully, more acceptance, to feel you matter--let's work together to build the relationship you long for.  Or if you're preparing to get married or to live together, let's work to identify your challenges now so that you can build an enduring relationship.  Tending to your relationship intentionally is so important and worth the investment of your time and attention.

Free from anxiety

If anxiety has become a daily struggle, or you're having panic attacks, you don't have to live this way.  I can help you understand your nervous system and work to relieve your anxiety so that you can feel free and calm again.  I work with people to gain mastery and find peace.  Let 's get you feeling better day to day and then get to the roots of your anxiety so that anxiety can be a thing of the past in your life.  

reproductive challenges + pregnancy loss

The physical, emotional, and financial stressors associated with infertility can be overwhelming.  Add the impact of treatments, fear, anxiety, grief, indecision, and its effects on your relationship, and it can feel unbearable at times.  Support during this experience can be so helpful.  Let's address this intentionally and holistically so that it feels more manageable and so that you have support and resources.  I work with individuals and couples experiencing reproductive challenges.


Making complex medical decisions around the health and survival of your unborn child(ren) when you have a high risk complicated pregnancy or twin pregnancy can be daunting, overwhelming, emotional, and divisive.  Support to dissect the information and statistics as well as your values and needs, to communicate in a way that brings you closer and towards a decision you feel good about, and to navigate the medical experience while advocating for yourself can be helpful.


Losing a child may be the most painful experience we face as human beings.  I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that support and reflection together might make this loss and moving through it more manageable over time.  This loss will never go away, I understand that.  And I hope to support you in finding a life without your precious child.

Weight and Body Image

With masters degrees in holistic nutrition and marriage and family therapy and extensive training in gentle trauma resolution, I can provide truly customized support and help you to identify the road blocks that have stood in your way in the past in creating vibrancy, health, and self-esteem.  I can also provide support pre- and post bariatric surgery and outpatient support for addressing eating disorders, including orthorexia.

therapy for therapists

If you're a therapist  or counselor seeking therapy I'd love to work with you.  I believe our own continued growth and healing are essential to our work and just make life better.  Be in touch to see if I'm a good fit.  

save a relationship

Are you overwhelmed after discovering or revealing infidelity?  Have events or patterns changed or dimmed your relationship?  Are you fighting all the time and wish you could communicate effectively?  Do you wonder if you matter to your partner or struggle to feel calm enough or safe enough to really communicate?  Are issues or patterns from childhood or the past interfering with your relationship? Are you separated, having an affair, considering a divorce or wondering if you should?  Let's work together to get your relationship on track, to identify your specific challenges, and to make and sustain change.  It's possible to get back to the love that once brought you together and to build a vibrant relationship, even after years of disconnection, hurt, or destructive patterns.

***free from the past***

Often we find a way to pack up the past so that we can function and carry on.  Many of my clients have been over functioning for years, pressing on and succeeding externally, often dismissing or not recognizing the impact of challenging past experiences.  Many other clients struggle because the past feels inescapable and intolerable day to day.  Carrying the stress or symptoms associated with difficult experiences is costly, especially over the course of a lifetime. Has an event or experience changed or shaped your life or your relationships? Are patterns or experiences from your childhood interfering with having a full life or a healthy relationship? Are you repeating patterns or living out the same ways of relating or coping over and over?  Are you struggling with sleep or intrusive thoughts or other difficulties? Working with the past can be daunting; it's also the path to freedom.  Let's work to gently renegotiate and resolve past events or patterns that have altered or continue to interfere with your life. You won't have to tell me the whole story; we'll work so that dealing with the past is manageable and doesn't feel overwhelming.  I work with mild trauma through complex PTSD and intergenerational trauma, and have advanced training in trauma, including training in multiple ways of working (EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, AEDP, ISP).  This work is my specialty and my true passion.   Having done this work myself I am especially attuned to creating safety, pacing, and to guiding you carefully through this process.  Being freed from the past and its impacts is truly possible. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to get more information and to see if I feel like a fit for you.

satisfying intimacy

Want to reach orgasm, to sort through desire discrepancy, to improve or change your intimate relationship?  Do you hope to recover peace, connection, and a deep sense of safety after a violating or unwanted experience?  Do you want to feel whole in your identity?  It's all possible.  So many people face challenges around sexuality and find it difficult to talk about these things. Let's address your goals and concerns in a way that makes you feel completely comfortable.  I'm here when you're ready.

Dissolving Relationships + coparenting

If one or both of you have decided to divorce or part, I can help you communicate more effectively through the process, navigate decision making, and co-parent more peacefully, often at significantly lower cost than working with attorneys through the process.

Hope begins in the dark.

couples therapy for one

It's possible to make change in a couple relationship even if you're the only one seeking change.  I think of a mobile, and how affecting one part affects the whole; when you make changes it impacts your relationship.  Let's work towards improving or saving your relationship. Are you overwhelmed after your partner has revealed infidelity, left, appears to be going through a midlife crisis, or asked for a divorce? I can help.

Highly Sensitive Persons and parenting hsps

If you identify as a highly sensitive person, or are raising a highly sensitive child, I can help!  As an HSP who has raised two HSP children, now young adults, and as a resource for Parents Magazine on this issue, I can help you understand this trait and identify ways to make life or parenting easier!  Wondering if you or your child may be an HSP? More information and self tests here.

quarter life, midlife, or silver crisis

Transitions can be unmerciful, painful, lonely, and overwhelming. I can help you walk through this challenging time with insight, hope, and grace, whether it's affecting you or your partner.  Read about midlife crisis here.

healing after infidelity

Whatever the outcome in your relationship, after you've experienced infidelity your individual healing process matters.  The pain of infidelity is second perhaps only to losing a child.  Time alone will not heal you.  Intentionally working through your pain and anger will help you to move through this and to restore your sense of self, confidence, peace, sense of safety, and readiness for and enjoyment of intimacy.

maternal + paternal mental health

Becoming a parent through birth, adoption, or surrogacy means shifts and losses in your body (hello, sleep deprivation), role in life, relationships, work life, and identity.  It's a lot all at once--all while everyone around you seems to think it's all wonderful.  If you're struggling, let's address this transition so that you feel more connected, supported, and confident as a parent.  This is not who you are as a parent, it's who you are struggling.  You're not alone.  It will get better with help.

grief, loss, and transition

Has it been more than six months since you've lost a loved one, a child, a pregnancy, a relationship, a pet, or a job and you're still not coping well?  Or are you facing an ambiguous loss-someone who is physically present but emotionally absent, an unresolved death or missing person, a spouse or partner who is leaning out or who has left, illness that has changed your life or a loved one? Let's work together so that you feel more grounded, more resourced, and as much peace as possible.  Loss can feel unbearable. Support can help.

Medical issues

Let's work holistically to minimize the impact of illness and pain to allow you to thrive as much as possible, or to prepare for or address future or past surgery and invasive medical procedures or birth trauma.  I can work with you towards resolving the following issues: chronic pain, migraines, heart arrhythmias, vertigo, dizziness or fainting upon standing (POTS), low blood pressure, regional complex pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue
syndrome (CFS), asthma, and some auto-immune diseases. Let's work together to identify and treat the autonomic dysregulation that's at the root of your illness, or to prepare for or renegotiate surgery, invasive medical procedures, or birth trauma so you might be free from their impact.

designing an intentional life + peak performance

Do you wish to spend time reflecting on your deepest values to create an intentional life?  Do you wish to identify the obstacles or barriers that hold you back from reaching your goals or becoming all that you desire?  Do you wish to clear the malaise that interferes with living a full, rich, vibrant life?  Do you want to sort out what holds you back from shifting into the next gear?  Let's work together to gain insight, discern decisions, heal, grow, plan, execute, and thrive.  You are being invited into wholeness.


Working Intensively

Need longer sessions or blocks of time?    Want to set aside dedicated time to dive more deeply and make progress rapidly?  Feel an urgent need to address issues?  Traveling a long distance to work with me?  No problem.  Let's devote the time you need to identify issues and stumbling blocks and get you moving towards the life or relationship you desire.  Hourly rates apply.  I often schedule these three to five-hour blocks on weekends; with advanced notice we may also schedule during the week and on evenings.

Rates + Payment

I charge $159.00 for sessions before 3:00pm, and $174.00 for sessions after 3:00pm and on Saturdays.  When you prepay for five sessions, the lower rate of $159.00 applies no matter when your appointments are scheduled.  

I accept cash, checks, credit cards, HSA account cards, and Flex Spending cards.  Payment is due at the time of the appointment.  If you wish to work with your insurance company to receive out of network benefits, I will provide you a receipt.  

BEFORE 3:00PM $159.00

AFTER 3:00PM $174.00

 SATURDAYs  $174.00

           ***ALL SESSIONS ARE $159.00 When you prepay five sessions***

Working with a Fee for Service Provider

I do not accept insurance payments directly.  If you wish to use your insurance benefits, I will provide you a detailed receipt with all of the information you need to submit for reimbursement for out of network benefits.  Typically people must reach their deductible and are then reimbursed a significant portion of the cost of our appointments, often 60 to 80%.  Please check with your health insurance provider for details about your plan and its requirements and benefits.  Working with an out of network provider allows you to select the therapist you wish and to reduce the cost of your therapy or counseling.  

Most of my clients choose to pay privately for appointments.  Working privately allows you to work with the therapist you choose as often as you choose, to keep all of your information completely private (unless you expressly grant permission in writing), and to avoid any diagnosis of a mental disorder becoming part of your health records.  

I devote my time and energy to being fully present with my clients and trust that this focus will be evident in our work together.