Laura Lindekugel MS, MS, LMFT, SEP
individual therapy, couples therapy, trauma therapy, sex therapy, family therapy

licensed therapist + certified holistic health practitioner + somatic experiencing practitioner

Laura Lindekugel MS, MS, LMFT, SEP



You're seeking change, healing, insight, or a way to reach your goals.  If you need a new approach, a way forward, relief, support, or healing, I can help.

I understand how intimidating and stressful it can be to begin therapy or counseling.  I hope you'll find information here that will make the process of finding someone with whom you feel comfortable a bit easier. 

Information at a Glance

Areas of specialization: relationship issues (especially infidelity, midlife crisis, intimacy, communication, growing together or back together, creating safety and connection, premarital counseling), anxiety and stress, gentle trauma resolution, transitions (especially in your 20s), working with highly sensitive persons and parenting highly sensitive children (I'm an HSP, have raised two HSPs, and have been a source for Parents Magazine on the Highly Sensitive Person), learning to navigate emotion, challenges around weight and body image, issues around sexuality, life changing illnesses, therapy for therapists, designing a more intentional life, and navigating dissolution and co-parenting more peacefully when one or both of you have decided to end your relationship

Current openings: I currently have a waiting list. If you wish to consider working together when I have an opening, we can schedule a free consultation within a week to see if I would be a good fit for you.

Appointments:  50-minute sessions or blocks of time for those who wish to work intensively to make progress more quickly or for whom scheduling is challenging

Location:  Edina, MN blocks from 494, 100, and 62 near Southdale Mall at the corner of York Avenue and West 76th Street; dedicated parking lot; handicap accessible

Hours:  Daytime hours, three evenings per week, and Saturdays

Urgent appointments: Yes, one appointment each week reserved for urgent need, such as recently discovered infidelity

Free consultations:  YesI believe finding the right therapist is so important.  Get in touch with me to set up a free 30-minute consultation here.  We'll talk a bit about the scope of your goals and what you're hoping for, give you plenty of time to get all of your questions answered, I can share more about myself and how I work, and you can make sure I feel like a good fit for you.   You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page or email or call me directly at 806-0014.  

Work with:  Individuals (age 11+), couples, and families, and with one person towards change in a relationship, towards healing after infidelity, or to walk through a partner’s midlife crisis when the other person isn't willing to consider counseling or therapy

Education: I have master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy and holistic nutrition, and specialized training in a number of areas. 

Specialized training in: premarital counseling, couple therapy, healing after infidelity for one or both partners, trauma therapy (extensive advanced training), working with Highly Sensitive Persons, sex therapy, perinatal and postpartum mental health, clinical hypnosis, holistic nutrition (master's degree), working with medical issues with underlying roots in the nervous system (such as IBS; see full list on the Areas of Practice page)

My approach: Direct, non-judgmental, calm, compassionate, collaborative, kind, humorous, dedicated, intentional, holistic, passionate about how change and healing actually take place

My goals in therapy and counseling: My goal is to tailor our work so that it feels just right to you, in both approach and pace, paying attention to being as efficient as we can in our work while supporting you where you are and pacing so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. I work collaboratively and am always framing your goals and needs.  Whether you’re hoping to build or improve a relationship, to save a relationship, to be free from anxiety or the past, to move through a challenging transition or loss intentionally, to feel better about parenting, to design an intentional life, or to achieve more, I welcome working together.  

Privacy: Completely private.  Paper records only, no electronic health management or records system, no information on the Internet, no information shared without your written consent or as required by law.

Insurance and payment:  Can provide a super bill for you to submit for out of network insurance benefits. Accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Health Savings Account plan cards.

Contact: or 952.806.0014

Don't hesitate to be in touch with questions or to schedule a free consultation. I'm happy to help.  

Wishing you wellbeing and peace,





Edina office:                                  York Professional Building       3209 West 76th Street               Suite 304                                     Edina, Minnesota 55435


Edina office:                                  (952) 806-0014

Laura Lindekugel LLC

Brief Overview of Areas of Practice

Building relationships

Getting married?  Adding a child?  Wish you had started your relationship more intentionally? Build the relationship you desire and create a life filled with love, mutual understanding, partnership,trust, effective communication, and satisfying intimacy.


Freeing you from anxiety

Let's demystify your nervous system and work with it to build mastery so that you feel more at peace and more in control.  Anxiety doesn't have to be part of your everyday life anymore.

Saving relationships

Reeling in the aftermath of infidelity? Find yourself at a standstill or breaking point? Let's leave no stone unturned in working to restore your relationship and build a satisfying future--even if you're the only only one seeking help.  


Freeing you from the past

It's possible to truly put past events and patterns to rest.  Let's identify and resolve experiences that have altered or interfere with the life you want today.  I have extensive training in this area and am passionate about helping people to be free from the negative effects of past experience.

maternal + paternal mental health and parenting as a highly sensitive person or with highly sensitive children

Whether you're preparing for a child or have recently added a little one (or ones), let's address this transition intentionally and holistically so that it is a positive experience.  Feeling overwhelmed? This is who you are struggling, not who you are as a parent.  Let's work together to support this transition and to restore you to health and peace, or to gain more concrete understanding of and strategies for your or your child's sensitivity.

moving forward intentionally

Facing infertility, a loss or ambiguous loss, a diagnosis or surgery that has altered your life, a challenging transition, or being a Highly Sensitive Person in an overstimulating world?  Move through it with grace and dignity and feel more resourced and grounded.  I can help.


May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
— Nelson Mandela


Let's Chat.

Finding the right therapist is important.  Use the form below to request a free 30-minute consultation.  I'll call or email you back, as you prefer, and we'll find a time to meet. You may also email or call me to make an appointment at my Edina office at / (952) 806-0014.  I look forward to connecting with you.

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