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Why Consider Premarital Counseling with a Therapist?

Congratulations!  You’re excited, focused on your wedding preparations, a little nervous perhaps, and ready to begin your life together.  So why consider seeing a couples therapist at this stage?  While it may be appealing to focus on the strengths of your relationship as you prepare to get married, looking honestly at your particular challenges now will really serve your relationship well.  Again and again as I provide information, resources, and tools, the couples I work with say: Why didn’t anyone ever tell us this?!  Working with someone who specializes in relationships can provide insight and concrete, solution-focused help that you’re not likely to get in a religious setting.  And anticipating the areas of growth specific to the two of you while you still feel close is so helpful.  Research indicates that the average couple waits six years after problems begin to seek counseling.  Setting aside time to learn to navigate better communication, stronger trust, a deeper sense of connection and understanding, a better intimate relationship, and a shared vision for your life together can help to prevent divisive or painful issues from arising in the future.  Many couples seek pre-marital counseling through a religious institution.  Pre-marital counseling with a therapist can provide a judgment-free separate environment in which you can both be completely open.  And if issues arise in the future, it’s nice to already have an established relationship with someone you have come to trust.  A tune up is so much easier than deeply entrenched issues.  Every relationship has its own list of challenges.  Turning towards yours now with a willingness to be open and to improve is one of the best gifts you can give to yourselves.


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