Laura Lindekugel MS, MS, LMFT, SEP
individual therapy, couples therapy, trauma therapy, sex therapy, family therapy


Helpful Information

What Happens at a Therapy Consultation

So what happens during a therapy consultation?

The purpose of a therapy consultation is to make sure I feel like a good fit for you.  So after we meet, during the consultation you'll have about half an hour to assess whether or not you would feel good about working together.  You'll leave with a good sense of whether or not you feel comfortable in the office, with me, and with our conversation.  Though you won't know or trust me yet, you will have a sense of whether or not you can see yourself speaking freely with me about things that are important or difficult.  You'll get a sense of my personality.  You can share a bit about what you are experiencing or hoping for--or not if you wish.  And you'll have time to ask any questions you may have about me, the way I work, what happens in therapy, or details about payment and scheduling and the like.  So, for example, you may be more comfortable with someone who is highly structured or highly flexible in their approach, with someone who is research oriented or who has particular training, with someone who takes an expert stance in your life or who works collaboratively with you, or with someone who is bubbly or more quiet.  At a gut level, you'll leave feeling comfortable and hopeful--or that I don't feel like a match for you.

Finding the right therapist is important, so I always offer free consultations before we agree to work together.   I want you to find someone who feels just right for you.  You may also not be a fit for my training, so this time is important in that regard, too.  It may be more useful for you to work with someone with other specialized training or expertise to help you reach your goals.  If so, I may be able to refer you to someone who may be a better fit than I would be.

After our free consultation you'll have all the time you need to decide if you'd like to proceed and make an appointment.  There's no pressure to schedule and you can be in touch after you've had time to consider whether or not you'd like to work together. 

Coming to a therapist's office for the first time can be intimidating or stressful.  I hope it will be an empowering and comforting experience.  A free consultation together allows you to dip your toe in the water, to meet me and see if you feel comfortable before we begin, and to start the process off well.  You matter, so finding the right person with whom you'll work matters to me. 

I welcome your enquiry and would love to meet to see if you'd like to begin working together.  Reach out if you'd like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.  You can contact me directly at my Edina location at / 952.806.0014.  Or use my contact form.  I'll be in touch soon and can usually schedule consultations within a week.  Take good care, and I wish you well in finding a therapist who is perfect for you.     

Laura Lindekugel